The one big over-riding rule for this event is DO NOT COME WITH YOUR SERIOUS HAT ON.  Anyone getting arsy about anything will be asked to leave, end of story. The organisers are not doing this for the money, they simply want to put on some good fun racing that everyone can enjoy.  There are no national titles at stake, nothing other than fun bragging rights and enjoying some great racing in good scenery.  

There is not going to be a protest committee, but in the general spirit of being nice decent people and ensuring everyone has the maximum fun, we ask that the normal racing rules are obeyed, which – in no particular order – are as follows:  

Entries and Entry Fees

Entry fee is $25 per race, or $60 if signing up for all three races.

The junior race (which will be an easy short course for inexperienced young paddlers) fee is $10.  Experienced junior paddlers will have age categories in the main fleets and should enter normally.

Entry fees can be refunded in special circumstances, minus the credit card handling charge, up until the weekend prior to the event. 

Online entries will close at 5pm Friday. We really would rather not take entries on the day, it just makes the whole process that much harder. Entries on the day will be $5 more expensive per race. Please enter beforehand using the online entry system if at all possible!

All paddlers are required to wear an appropriate leash when racing. (This one is because a) it’s good safety policy, and b) it’s the LAW!)

Safety Rules

A paddler can be withdrawn from a race at any time at the discretion of the Race Director, safety officer, Surf Life saver or other race officials, if they consider it necessary for safety reasons. Their decision is final. There will be no refunds for paddlers who are withdrawn or disqualified from a race by race officials, under any circumstances.

All race paddlers are responsible for their own hydration and nutrition requirements to combat fatigue and dehydration.

Paddlers competing in a race who are unable to complete the course are responsible for informing the event and safety staff.

If you are not comfortable with the conditions on the day it is your responsibility to make the decision whether to race or not.

All paddlers are expected to participate in the spirit of the event. You will be disqualified if, in the Race Director’s opinion, you engage in any unnecessary physical contact or unsportsmanlike conduct.

General Racing Rules

Warm ups are not allowed on the race course if there are heats/racing taking place. 

Racers must promptly clear the water when directed by race management.

Single blade paddle to be used.

Paddlers should do their very utmost to complete the course in a standing position . Paddlers starting or remounting after a fall may take a maximum 5 strokes on their knees to gain momentum before standing up. This 5-stroke rule is to prevent paddlers attempting to achieve an advantage by paddling from a kneeling position in difficult conditions. Racers who contravene this rule may be given a 3 placing penalty per infraction at the conclusion of the race.

Paddlers must follow the designated set course, which will be supervised by water marshals and rescue staff.

No extraneous aids are allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, swim fins, engines, wind catching devices [i.e.: sails, baggy clothing, etc.] and personal support teams. No twin or multi-hulled boards allowed (i.e.: catamarans, outriggers etc).

Wetsuits and hats (sun protection) are permissible.

Paddlers are required to have an official mark / race vest and / or race number, which must remain on the individual throughout the event. No paddler shall be recorded as a finisher unless carrying the official mark / wearing the official vest and / or number.

Drafting is permissible within your race class and gender. No drafting will be allowed outside your class or gender. Drafting infringements will be decided by the Race Director and race staff, including the option to relegate the paddler up to three positions below their final result. A warning may be given by race staff on the course at their discretion. A paddler will be deemed drafting when within 1 metre of the tail, or sides of another paddler or any water craft on the race course for more than 10 seconds, unless the boundaries of the course makes it practically impossible to take any other route (see below).

When there is a combined male and female start, either sex will be given 500 meters from the start to clear each other’s draft.

If the boundaries of a race course do not allow paddlers to get outside of the drafting zone then no drafting rules will apply at that time.

A paddler must make an effort to exit the drafting zone immediately when boundaries allow.

Examples of natural boundaries include rocks, canals, submerged objects, bridges and vessels.

Paddlers will be disqualified for drafting any water craft on the racecourse that is not in the same class or gender.

Interference or any form of unsportsmanlike conduct is not allowable and will lead to disqualification. Paddlers must compete in a sportsmanlike fashion and avoid collision at all times. Specific violations include (but are not limited to):

  • Blocking (Whereby a leading paddler changes his line intentionally to block the path of an overtaking paddler)
  • Paddling interference and/or deliberate physical contact
  • Purposely obstructing or interfering with another paddler
  • Causing damage or bodily harm to another paddler or their equipment
  • Use of profane language toward any persons or paddler during the event
  • Not rounding a mark or completing the specified course
  • Deliberate failure to avoid a collision

Penalties for violations of the rules and/or unsportsmanlike conduct by a paddler that is listed in this document or that is posted by the race director on the Official notice board include:

  • Relegation (paddler is penalised places in their race)
  • Disqualification from the race
  • Disqualification from the event.

Decisions of the Race Director will be final and binding.

We really don’t want any protests – this is not what these races are about. But if someone commits such a heinous act of cheating, unfairness or agression that it simply cannot go unchallenged, then tell us about it as soon as your race has finished, and bring some witnesses or evidence if at all possible. Protests will be handled by the Race Director based on actual interference and impeding progress, fairness and sportsmanship criteria.

Race officials shall have the ultimate and final authority to remove a paddler from the race if the paddler is judged to be physically incapable of continuing the race without the risk of injury.

Each entrant must sign the indemnity declaration on the Entry Form before the event. If under 18, the parent or guardian must sign.

The organizers reserve the right to reject or cancel any entry