The 2018 SUP Triple Crown

2-4 June 2018

Following on from the success of the last two midwinter Far North Triple Crown SUP events, this year we are proud to bring you an even more exciting schedule.

All three events will be held in the Bay of Islands, over the Queen's Birthday Weekend. The overall plan is the same; a late start on Saturday, and an early finish on Monday, to allow those from further afield plenty of time to make it to/from home. Or to enjoy the huge range of other activities available in the Bay of Islands (see the 'other attractions' page)

However, this year, we are keeping our options open until the very last moment, to ensure that the event offers the widest possible variety of racing. Ideally, we'd like to achieve a decent downwinder, some fun surf/technical racing, and some good flat water racing too. (Or, for those for whom downwinders/technical racing sound a bit offputting, a variety of interesting flat water races in safe sheltered locations).

As before, each day will be a standalone event in its own right, with placings and prizes.

However, those entering all three events will also accumulate scores for the overall series. Yellow jerseys will be issued after day 1, and overall series prizes awarded at the end of the three day series. So consistency will be the key!

ONE BOARD ONLY! Another big change for this year, is that anyone wanting to be eligible for the full triple crown series of 3 events, must use the same board for all three challenges. They must choose their board in advance, register it on day 1, and stick to it for all 3 days. Changing boards will make them non-eligible for the overall trophies and rankings.

Race Fleets

Competitors can choose to race in one of the following fleets

Entries on inflatable boards will be encouraged in the Open class and the Surfboards/Socials class. All entrants will be asked to state whether they are racing on solid boards or inflatables, and if there are 3 or more inflatables racing in any age category then separate prizes may be awarded, at the discretion of the race team.

Age Categories

Age categories for the open fleets are:

in both sexes. A minimum of 3 entrants will be required to validate a category for prizes, otherwise entrants will be classified in the next most appropriate category. (example: if only one person enters as a veteran woman in 12'6 race class, their result will be scored in the masters category (assuming there are at least 2 other masters!)).