2024 SUP Triple Crown Entry Form

Please read the rules before entering, and complete one entry form per person. If you are making multiple entries for your family, the system will save the address details etc for your subsequent entries. Payment can be made via credit card, paypal or bank transfer. Entries close on Thursday 30 May at 9pm. (You cannot enter events on the day)


First Name
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Age Category

Please select your age category, based on your age as of 1 January this year.


(Medals will be awarded in each age category if there are sufficient entrants, otherwise your entry will be included in the next most appropriate category)


As per usual, each day will have its own race. As we have a lot more young paddlers attending this year, if the main attraction is a race of 5km or more, we will also offer a shorter race for those that want it.

The entry fee for either series is just $60 ($50 for youths, students and pensioners)

If you do not wish to enter the full series, you can choose to enter one ($25/$20) or two ($50/$40) individual events.

Which event series (or individual event) will you be entering?

Selecting either series option will automatically populate the selection boxes below. If you are only competing in one or two races then deselect the others accordingly.(To get an overall ranking in either series you will need to compete in all three races.)

Saturday Surprise
Saturday 1 June

Sunday Special
Sunday 2 June

Monday Madness
Monday 3 June


If you qualify for the youth / student (with a current student ID) / pensioner concession discount please check this box. The box will check automatically if you have entered one of the youth age divisions

Fee NZD$
Payment by
Further Entries? If you will be entering another family member after this and wish to pay for all your entries together, please indicate here

If you are making multiple entries, please enter the email address that you would like the total payment information for your family group entry to be sent to, once you have made all your entries.

Contact from sponsors? We or our sponsors may like to be able to contact you to send you special offers or information on other similar events. Please indicate if you are OK to receive these emails.
Emergency Contact

Please give a name and contact number for an emergency contact who is not also a participant in the event

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If you have any problems with the registration process please email your name, address, contact details and the events you want to compete in (and in which class) to paddlecompany@gmail.com and we will be happy to process your entry manually.

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