Age categories for the various fleets are:

  • Open
  • Masters (50+)
  • Veterans (65+)
  • Youth (U18)
  • Junior (U16)
  • Junior (U14)
  • Junior (U12)
  • Junior (U10)

in both sexes.

Age is what you will be on Saturday 5 June 2021. ie your actual age when you’re out there competing. (If your birthday falls during the competition and you need to change age groups then let us know and we’ll organise a special prize!)

A minimum of 3 entrants will be required to validate a category for prizes, otherwise entrants will be classified in the next most appropriate category. (example: if only one person enters in the Junior U10 group, they will be counted as Junior U12.

The age categories will be observed for each individual race (ie Saturday race, Sunday race etc), and for the overall series prizes.