The aim will be to achieve three very different races over the three days, by utilising different venues. However, weather and water conditions will of course play a large part in determining whether this is possible. 

Based on what has happened before at previous events, here are some of the options and venues we may choose from.

Flat Water/Mixed Conditions Racing

Kerikeri Inlet, starting/finishing from Stone Store and racing up the inlet

Kerikeri Inlet, short course multi-lap races in front of the Stone Store. (Yes, we hear the groans – but it makes for fabulous spectator sport, and it’s great having a venue with a fantastic bar and restaurant right there!)

Waitangi Inlet, up/to Haruru Falls – always a fun one!

Lake Manuwai – just a few km from Kerikeri, incredibly scenic, and offering the potential to do something very different to the usual racing formats. More on anon…!


In E-W or W-E Winds:   the Opito Bay to/from Stone Store route, as raced in 2018 (in 45knot winds!)

In NW or SE winds:  Waitangi – Opua.  This isn’t the longest course but often sees some pretty sizeable swells rolling in making for some awesome runs.

Technical Racing

Ti Beach, Waitangi, if there is any sort of NE swell running

Matauri Bay if there is a small swell running (unfortunately if it’s too good, there will be too many surfers out!)