A fantastic race to the Haruru Falls and back, again huge thanks to Barfoot and Thompson for sponsoring this great race in 2018.

Another fabulous race, and oh wow were we ever lucky with the weather! Following on from Saturday’s downwinder and Sunday’s technical racing, today was a good old fashioned straight line (ish) flat water 6km paddle – but amidst some beautiful scenery and with the added fun of negotiating a large waterfall in full spate. Some amazing pix to follow!
1: Matt Anderson (1st mens open)
2: Jan Dunlop (2nd mens open)
3: Mike Pirritt (3rd mens open)
4: Scott Keown (1st mens masters)
5: James Reeves (4th mens open)
6: Pete Henderson (2nd mens masters)
7: Mike Ward (5th mens open)
8: Kelso Offenbacker (6th mens open)
9= Marlene Jackson (1st 12’6 women masters)
9= Angie McKee (1st 12’6 women open)
11: Brett Farrell (3rd mens masters)
12: David Cracknell (4th mens masters)
13: Jason Clough (7th mens open)
14: Paul Davis (8th mens open)
15: Sean Booth (5th mens masters)
16: James Billyard (6th mens masters)
17: Jason Tudor (9th mens open)
18: Jim Lyle (7th mens masters)
19: Karl Gainsecke (10th mens open)
20: Hilton Leith (8th mens masters)
21: Saron Thompson (2nd 12’6 womens masters)
22: Bruce Yovich (9th mens masters)
23: Trudy lile (2nd 12’6 womens open)
24: Sean Dunn (11th mens open)
25: Pip Gainsecke (1st womens open)
26: Brian Jordan (1st mens vet)
27: Jake Ward (1st U12)
28: Sharlene Griffiths (3rd 12’6 womens open)
29: Quinn Pirritt (2nd U12)
30: Max Hittle (1st one-design mens)
31: Sarah Ambler (2nd womens open)
32: Gregg Gibbs (10th mens masters)
33: Shirley Dryden (1st one-design womens)
34: Julie Wood (1st womens veteran)
35: Ann Baker (3rd 12’6 womens masters)
36: Amber Jackson (1st U14
37: Sam Canamel (2nd one-design mens)
1: Denis Buckland
2: Estel Leray
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